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Shopping the market for Electricity is a relatively new idea for most Texas  consumers. New Texas laws have created a Deregulated market that you the consumer should know about. These laws are designed to help you (the consumer) reduce your electricity bill.

The new Deregulation of Texas Electricity has allowed Choice Energy Services to be able to provide your Home or Business with the lowest possible price on the same Electricity you are receiving today. How does saving  up to 20% on your monthly electricity bill sound? You can accomplish this by merely switching to a new Texas Electricity Provider? It is that simple!

Choice Energy is attempting to provide consumers like you with Independent Energy solutions that will save you money and time. Contact Us today to learn how to maximize your savings in the Deregulated Texas Electricity Market or click here to learn more about who we are and how we can reduce your electricity bill.

No monthly fees! No cancellation fees! No hidden costs!

"Please contact us today to begin saving money on your electric bill."
Javier Loya, President Choice Energy Services

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